Products in Newport, RI

In addition to providing a full gamut of collision repair and auto paint services, City Auto Body is also your premier provider of bumpers, bumper guards and grilles. If your vehicle has suffered damage to any of these components as the result of an accident, we can identify a proper replacement and facilitate a clean installation for you. Moreover, if you’re looking for a way to better protect your bumper in the event of an accident, we’re happy to advise you.


Bumper Replacements

Bumpers are among the most damaged parts of a vehicle. Fender-benders and accidental bumps alike can push bumpers in, crush them or crack them, leaving your vehicle looking worse for the wear. If you’ve got a bumper that’s less than pristine, come to our shop for new bumpers in Newport, RI. We’ll help find a seamless replacement and can install it to restore your vehicle to perfection. We can even paint it to match your existing car color!


Grilles and Guards

Grilles can also become cracked and damaged in a front-end accident. We provide new grilles in Newport, RI to customers who need to restore the appearance of their cars. Moreover, we can also provide grille guards and bumper guards to prevent cracking or damage to your front end. Our team will help you select the right guard for your vehicle, then install it flawlessly so you can get on the road with peace of mind.


Not only do customers come to us for bumpers and grilles because of our ability to locate the proper model for their vehicle, they also trust our installation. We’re thorough and precise in our installation of bumpers and grilles, which means they’ll hold up to time spent on the road and any future collisions you might have the misfortune to be in.

For more information about our selection of products or our access to the right bumper, grille or guard for your vehicle, please contact us today at 401-847-9347.