Auto Paint in Newport, RI

auto paint
The paint on your car is resilient, but not indestructible. Scratches will accumulate over time, weathering will wear it down and, of course, an accident could scrape it clear down to the metal. When your paint is damaged it’s not only going to look bad, it’s going to leave your vehicle vulnerable. City Auto Body works quickly to shore up any vulnerabilities by providing you with quality paint services.

Paint Matching

There are so many unique paint colors for vehicles out there. It’s important to have your car’s paint matched perfectly when having it touched up, otherwise, you run the risk of contrasting colors and a very noticeable finish!

At City Auto Body, we put color-matching first when it comes to car paint in Newport, RI. Our precision matching system enables us to discover the exact hue of your car, so we can paint it to perfection. Whether we’re touching up a few scratches or repainting after a major collision, we guarantee it’ll be indistinguishable when we’re done.

Custom Colors

Want to repaint your vehicle in a new, customized color? We have the ability to work with you to mix up a hue that’s ideal for your car. And, once we have the perfect color, we can apply it to perfection to completely change and enhance your ride.

Painting Any Damages

Most people seek auto paint after an accident or dent removal in Newport, RI. We’re pleased to offer painting after these repairs, however we also welcome vehicles with minor blemishes or abrasions that need touchups or small painting services. Our goal is to help you maintain your vehicle’s appearance for as long as you own it, which means offering auto paint in any capacity.

Painting to Perfection

Unresolved dents, scratches or other damages to your car’s paint job could result in rust or worsening damage. Let us fix the issue and provide a fresh coat of paint to restore everything to perfection. Reach us at 401-847-9347 for auto painting services today!