Frame Straightening in Newport, RI

Many collisions—even small or insignificant ones—can leave your vehicle with a frame that’s warped or off-center. And while you might not notice it at the time, it can immediately begin to cause problems for the rest of the car. Suspension components become strained, fuel economy drops, safety features become compromised and more. The team at City Auto Body provides measuring and frame straightening in Newport, RI to vehicles that have recently been in an accident, to ensure none of these issues arise later on.

Precision Tools

Our shop excels in offering frame straightening because we employ state-of-the-art technologies that enable us to measure and correct a bent frame. Every vehicle is different, which means precision and understanding are required to correct frame damages perfectly. Our shop is equipped to handle virtually any vehicle and correct a huge scope of frame damages.

Complete Restoration

Restoring frame damage is an all-or-nothing service—either the frame is completely realigned or it’s not. Our approach to collision repair in Newport, RI is a complete one, which means we don’t cut any corners when it comes to providing unparalleled frame damage. Our guarantee is that your frame is completely realigned when we’re done with it, and that you won’t suffer from any long-term issues caused by an unstable or misaligned frame.

frame work

Trust the Frame Straightening Experts

Not every auto body shop is equipped with the technologies or expertise to diagnose frame deviation—much less fix it. At City Auto Body, we pride ourselves on being the local authority on this service and we’re backed by decades’ worth of customers who can attest to our abilities. If you need frame straightening—no matter to what degree—trust our shop above all others.

For more information about frame straightening or to inquire about the process and its cost, please call 401-847-9347.