Collision Repairs in Newport, RI

Even a minor accident can have major consequences for your vehicle’s integrity. A warped trunk might not close, just as a dented door might begin to rust. These problems compromise your vehicle’s appearance, integrity and value. The expert team at City Auto Body is ready to fix any collision damages that may be detracting from your vehicle. From major accidents to minor bumps, we tackle a full gamut of bodywork.


Dent Repair

Dents and dings can appear as if by magic. Everything from stray shopping carts, to hailstones, to the careless driver behind you at a stoplight can cause damage to your auto body in Newport, RI. Unfortunately, every dent in your car is a bigger problem waiting to erupt. Rust, compromised panels and dropping vehicle value are all close to follow.

Our team removed dents of all sizes and types, no matter what causes them or where they’re located on your vehicle. From door panels to bumpers, hoods to rooftops, we remove dents with precision, restoring the look and integrity of your car completely.

frame repair

Frame Repair

If a major accident has left your vehicle’s frame damaged, trust our body shop in Newport, RI to set it right. We have the tools and expertise to measure the deviation of your frame from the norm, and will set it back with precision and purpose. Even the worst wrecks are no match for our abilities!


Towing and Auto Glass

While our shop doesn’t offer towing services or auto glass repair, we do partner with trusted local companies to provide these services to our customers. If you require either, give us a call and we’ll arrange service seamlessly, presenting you with a finished vehicle that’s repaired from top to bottom after an accident.

Complete Collision Repair

Don’t drive around with dents in your door or a reminder of your recent auto accident. Contact City Auto Body today by calling 401-847-9347 for reliable bodywork that completely erases damage.